Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum requirement for an excavator to be able to pass down the side of our home?   
For a standard excavation we require a minimum of 2m of width and 2m of height. We are able to pass through smaller gaps down to 900mm, but any spaces narrower than this makes excavating a pool very difficult. 


What council requirements should I keep in mind when deciding on a swimming pools location and size?


All councils’ share the same guidelines in Adelaide. To bypass the Planning Application a pool must meet the following criteria;


  • Is separated from a dwelling erected on the site
  • Is not being constructed, altered or added so that any part of the pool or spa is situated within 1 metre of a boundary of the allotment
  • Is not being constructed, altered or added to so that any part of the pool or spa is situated in front of any part of the building line
  • Does not have a filtration system located within 12m of a dwelling situated on an adjoining allotment or if encased by an acoustically muted enclosure.


For more information please refer to the Development Regulations 2008  or the Guide to the Residential Code .


What are the average running costs of a swimming pool?
A pools running cost can vary from site to site, and electricity prices are constantly changing, but the average Adelaide pool without heating can be between $100-$200 per month depending on the variables of each site.


What is the best way to heat my swimming pool?
This is dependant on how often you wish to use your pool and whether it is indoor or outdoor. Most people aim to extend the swimming season and the best way to achieve this with the lowest running cost is solar heating. 


What is the best way to sanitise my pool?
There are many different ways to sanitise your swimming pools water. At Elite Pools we have been using magnesium for several years as it has proven to be an effective and low cost way in which to sanitise your swimming pool.
Magnesium works in the same manner as a salt-water pool. However, instead of producing sodium chloride from the chlorinator it makes magnesium chloride, which operates at almost half the total dissolved solids level (TDS - the amount of particles in the water) of a traditional salt pool making it much easier on both your eyes and skin.


Do I need to put a fence around my pool? 


The short answer is YES. You will be unable to complete the construction of your swimming pool without the council certifying your safety fence prior to filling. 
What is the best way to finish the interior of your swimming pool or spa?
We recommend two options for the interior of your swimming pool; either Q-Crystal glass render or tiling.


Both are durable products that have a long life so most people base their decision on aesthetics and preference alone.


How big should our spa be?
We construct spas as small as 1.5m x 1.5m and as large as 4m x 4m, it all comes down to how many people you wish your spa to accommodate.


The 1.5m x 1.5m will comfortably seat 4 adults where as the 4m x 4m will comfortably seat 16.


Should I incorporate a water feature when constructing my swimming pool?
Water features are a great way to show off your new or existing swimming pool or spa.
With varying sizes we can custom make a beautiful water feature that not only compliments your pool or spa but your home as well.


We can even build a stand-alone water feature to compliment your outdoor entertaining area as well.



Should I install swim jets? 


Swim jets are great for the skilled skimmer and begineer alike.

There are varying levels of performance and a price range to suit any budget. 

Our recommendation for the intermediate to advanced swimmer is the Badu Stream II Swim Jet System .


Can the pool be above ground or be used as a retaining wall?


Yes, the beauty of concrete swimming pools is that no matter the situation the pool can be custom engineered to suit any application.

At Elite Pools we speacialise in unique abrove ground pools that are not only beautiful but functional as well.



Pool being form above ground level with an arc shape. Click Here to see the completed project.


How do i fill my swimming pool?


To fill your swimming pool you will be required to obtain a permit from SA Water, Click Here to download permit.

You will require some kind evaporation retarding blanket, either physical or liquid, to be able to obtain your water permit, once you have this simple fill from your garden tap.


Can you manage the entire project?


Yes we can. We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the entire process from the initial design and council applications to soft and hard landscaping, even the construction of pool equipment enclosures and pool pavilion.

At Elite Pools we can manage the entire project or just construct your swimming pool and/or spa. Our services include:


  • Project Concept and Design
  • Customised engineering calculations to suit your individual building site
  • Documentation for council application 
  • Project Management
  • Hard landscaping (construction of walls, pavilions, paving, etc)
  • Soft landscaping (lawn areas, planting, etc)
  • Pool safety fencing
  • Retaing walls
  • Pergolas


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